Automatic Egg Incubator Automatic Chicken Quail Egg Hatcher


Automatic Egg Incubator Automatic Chicken Quail Egg Hatcher

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This Hatching egg incubator is widely used in families and specialised households to incubate chicken, ducks and geese, etc.This unique hatch incubator equipped with fully digital intelligent control system, humidity ,temperature and incubation days can be controlled and displayed simultaneously on LCD. Compared to other eggs incubators, ours has one-touch candling function for observing incubation condition of eggs clearly without taking them out.

Hatching eggs can be a one of the most liberating and educational experiences you ever have in your life. Wouldn’t it be great if you hatch eggs in the comfort of your home?

Our Egg incubator shows temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning all in 1 countdown time.



The reason our homemade incubator is different from other chick incubators is because of our chick and poultry hatching is designed and made for incubating chicken eggs, much like the old days.


Featuring innovative automatic egg turning technology, this quail incubator is perfect for incubating chicken eggs and or to satisfy your chick, poultry or quail hatching desires.


It’s great for homemade egg incubating and the chicken egg hatcher will hatch chicks that are in peak health and ready for rearing.



Our quail egg incubator is ideal for home use, educational activities, laboratory settings and classrooms, perfect for survivalists, small scale poultry farmers, pretty much anywhere you can grow chicks.

Our automatic chick incubator can automatically control the temperature to evenly spread the heat to create a conducive condition for egg hatching,

Our portable egg incubator is super simple and easy to setup and the transparent cover design allows you to monitor the hatching process anytime.

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