Best Fingerprint Padlock Smart Lock For Outdoor Gate


Best Fingerprint Padlock Smart Lock For Outdoor Gate

1. Our Best Fingerprint Smart Lock For Outdoor Gate is easy to operate, stores up to 10 fingerprints, and is managed directly in the smart lock.

2.Sturdy and Portable: Zinc alloy metal body construction protect your cabinet or your home against thieves.

3.Applicable situations: Small and lightweight fingerprint locker for indoor outdoor use, widely used in luggage suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, gym locker lock, furniture, wardrobes, bike and other goods that you want to protect.And it can entry 10 sets of fingerprints, convenient for private usage ,also suitable for the whole family usage.

4.USB Rechargeable And Extreme Long Run Time: Built in rechargeable lithium battery, it can connecting the USB charger.Low power consumption and long standby time, If the battery is short of power, Best Fingerprint Smart Lock For Outdoor Gate can be unlocked in an emergency. The longest standby time is up to half a year.

5.Smart Fingerprint Lock: Never worry about losing your key or forgot passwords. Forget the cumbersome numbers, your finger is your key.

6.This fingerprint padlock has 360 degree fingerprint acquisition function and only unlock for 1 second and quickly identify biometric locks to quickly identify your fingerprints.
How to delete all fingerprints(Reset to Factory Mode)

Delete by administrator's fingerprint(s) only
(1)Place the administrator's fingerprint(the first two fingerprints) on the reader and hold for 10 seconds till LED flashing red.
(2)Release and place it again to confirm delete all registered finger prints.
(3)LED lights on green with a long beep di--,all fingerprints deleted, your padlock restored to factory default status:any fingerprints can open the lock. 

Best Fingerprint Smart Lock For Outdoor Gate Package Included:

1 x Fingerprint Padlock
1 x USB-Micro Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Box

100% Money Back Guarantee