Inflatable Traveling Mattress For Car

Inflatable Traveling Mattress For Car

Car Inflatable Bed (Black)
Car Inflatable Bed (Gray)
Car Inflatable Bed (Dark Golden)
Car Inflatable Bed (Blue)

😍 Universal Car Inflatable Traveling Mattress To Take Travel Naps On The Road! 🚗

Car Inflatable Mattress – Inflatable Backseat Bed

Make your passengers comfortable during long travels with this car air inflatable mattress.

👉 The Car Inflatable Mattress – Our Inflatable Road Trip Mattress is the perfect partner for long journey driving, camping, outdoor activities with families and friends. It is a high-quality material that has a soft and smooth texture plus an add-on pillow that adds an extra element of comfort. The camping mattress is easy to install and fits into the back seat of most cars. It will complete quick and easy inflation in minutes, with no complications that could ruin your mood. Open the bleeder valve, press and make the air out after use.

👉 The Car Inflatable Mattress – Inflatable Backseat Bed provides a relaxing time to get rid of the boring journey. Also a good choice for outdoor recliners or beach chairs. Designed to be water-resistant, lightweight and portable. It is non-toxic and tasteless, anti-seismic and pressure-proof and the surface feels like feather providing excellent and durability and comfort.

Product Specifications:

💠 Size: 135 x 85 centimeters
💠 Material: PVC

Package Includes:

1 Car Inflatable Mattress – Inflatable Backseat Bed
1 Car Cushion
1 Storage Bag for Car Cushion
1 Inflator Pump
1 Air Tap
1 Repair Package
1 Glue

100% Money Back Guarantee