High Quality Heated Jacket


High Quality Heated Jacket

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High Quality Heated Jacket

Are you looking for the electric heated jacket which you can wear upcoming winter months ? Our High Quality Heated Jacket is the perfect solution for you keeps you comfortable and warm all the time, battery operated heated jacket is design with smart technology and can be adjust the temperature frequently with the help of intelligent heating system.


Beat the cold this winters by adding a layer of cozy warmth with our heated jacket. Its innovative design comes with 3 custom heating modes to suit your personal preference.

This electric vest will keep you warm and comfy bath indoors and outdoors.


You can use this thermal jacket without necessarily having to switch on the heat, Even in mild winters, you can wear it as a normal jacket to keep yourself warm.

It has been ideally designed to protect your neck region from the cold and radiates heat throughout the jacket.


How to use:-


  • Fully charge the power bank (not included)
  • Connect the power bank to the USB plug located in the pocket.
  • Press and hold touch button control on the chest foe 3 seconds.
  • Press touch button to adjust the temperature.




3 Heating modes our best heating jacket has one touch LED controller with 3 different heat settings warn (45C) for your ultimate comfort. With just one button you can switch between the temperature and heating modes.


This Heated Jacket has a built in thermal protection module and uses Far infrared heating and action wave heat reflective technology for comfortable heating. It also helps in improving blood circulation, relief muscles pain, etc. The sensors will automatically detect if the heating has reached the maximum level and stops the heating until it returns to its standard temperature so it 100% safe to use.


Power Supply: 5V/2A Mobile Power(Not Included)
Temperature Shift(Manual adjustment)
Warm:45 ℃ (Red Light)
Comfort:35 ℃ (White Light)
Energy Saving:25 ℃ (Blue Light)
Package Contents:1*Sleeveless Vest(Mobile Power Not Included)
Size Chart:


100% Money Back Guarantee