KIDSAFE - GPS Positioning Tracker Smartwatches For Children


KIDSAFE - GPS Positioning Tracker Smartwatches For Children

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Even the thought of losing your child absolutely horrifies you so why not make sure that your child stays fully safe & secure no matter where they go? Our revolutionary Kids GPS Tracker Smart Phone Watch was designed to help parents get rid of the fear of losing their kids and make sure they stay safe every second of the day.


The kids gps locator watch is a multifunctional watch which offers a multitude of features ranging from messages to phone calls to GPS tracking to emergency features. In case somebody tries to take off the kids smart gps watch or the child believes that they're in danger, they can easily send a SOS message to you.

In addition, the kids gps tracker watch has high-tech voice technology meaning you can also send voice messages to the child.

Best part of all, along with making a parent's life easier, the gps tracker watch is made to help boost the child's confidence. This kids smart watch features a unique and stylish design which can not only improve your child's safety, but also make them stand out of the crowd in style and feel special.


- MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - From live location tracking to voice chatting to actual phone calls, our kids gps tracker watch does it all. With this gps tracker watch, your child can save and dial up to 13 different numbers. In addition, our kids smart watch is features a LCD touchscreen display and works like a real smartphone.

- PROMOTES SAFETY -With the active sim card on the kids smart watch and GPS functionality, your child's location is updated every 4 to 6 minutes so you are fully aware of exactly where your child is. In addition, you can set custom forbidden hours on the watch, to ensure your child pays attention in classes when needed instead of focusing fully on the kids gps tracker watch.

-BUILT TO LAST -We know just how wild kids can become, especially during playtime. Our kids smart watch was built with supreme quality silicone and has the ability to last rough situations and impact. In fact, the silicone on this gps tracker watch is non-toxic and waterproof, meaning it will cause no harm to the child.

How to Setup?

  1. Install the application on your mobile phone (parents' mobile phones).
  2. Turn off the watch, open it, insert a SIM card and close it.
  3. Turn on the watch and connect it with the application by scanning the QR code on the back of the watch.
  4. Customise the watch settings to suit you and your child's preferences.

* Please use your SMS to send a few messages to activate your watch.

  • 1 watch.
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 charging cable.




Color: blue, pink(optional)

Type: waterproof, Not waterproof(optional)

Screen size: 1.44 inches

Interface: USB 2.0

Camera: 1.3 Mega Pixels

Body memory: 32MB

Display resolution: 128*128

Battery capacity: 400MAH


Package Included:


1 * Children's Smart Watches

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