Multipurpose USB Endoscope Inspection Camera


Multipurpose USB Endoscope Inspection Camera

Black - 10M - iPhone
Black - Android
Black - 5M - iPhone

If you're using traditional methods, chances are your ears are not getting a proper cleaning. Not only that, but you can severely injure your ear drum and inner ear, even exposing yourself to the risk of permanent hearing loss.

 No need to see your doctor anymore to know what is going on in your ears. With this handy new borescope camera, you can now monitor your ear's health and remove wax safely from the comfort of your home.

Now you can inspect and explore hard to reach areas with this Smartphone Endoscope Inspection Camera!  Equipped with an adjustable LED to brighten visuals, you can easily capture crystal clear footage wherever you choose to explore with it. The waterproof ability allows for adventurous underwater exploration. Compatible with both Androids and iPhones. Explore where no one has gone before!

Use these high quality cameras in a variety of ways. Not only can you inspect your ears, but you can also check the inside of your nose, your teeth, your throat, your scalp and much more to ensure optimal health. it's multipurpose inspection camera you can use in your car to find a small screws, or if you loose any thing in drain you can find out with the help of this camera and shape is like snake so many people call this snake camera . Compatible for iPhone and android both.

From Xiaomi a Wi-Fi ear cleaner with endoscope and LED light

Premium Camera Chip: Adopting the second generation chip at 30fps, which is best for acquiring the smoothest video and image, and this is a great advantage over the other products at 10fps on the marketplace.


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1 High Quality
2,720P/1200P high-resolution CMOS camera
3, wireless WiFi connection, easy to connect and use
4, Mini size, light weight, portable use
5 8 LED lights, brightness adjustable
6, IP67 waterproof design
7, compatible with iOS / Android / Windows / Mac systems
8, with a suction cup to facilitate the installation of WiFi devices on the phone or other places on the surface flat back
9, WiFi device built-in 500mAh battery can be 45 minutes, through the 5V power supply to work
10, support for camera and video recording phone



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