• Fully portable and convenient

  • Filtering the air at all times

  • Little to no noise.

    Provide continuous oxygen

Looking for the perfect oxygen breathing machine that'll keep you full of fresh air no matter where you go? Our exclusive oxygen concentrator is light enough to be carried from place to place while providing an impressive 1,000 mL of oxygen output per minute.

With the consistent heat dissipation, this portable oxygen concentrator ensures that the oxygen output is crystal clean & clear. Plus, the special air filters and high-tech technology ensure that only fresh air from our portable breathing machine is released with little to no noise.

Best part of all, as long as there's a power supply, this portable oxygen tank can be operated with ease. The simple display on the front of the oxygen generating device makes it extremely easy to operate and control.

The operation of oxygen concentrator is very silent due to the negative ion technology and five fold filtration. The oxygen absorption is cleaner and also safer as the device dissipates heat automatically while working.


Portable oxygen concentrator is designed with an ergonomic handle on the top anyone can carry it dorm one place to another. It weighs less than 2 kg and occupies a negligible space whether you use it at home or in car.

Get the freedom you deserve and do all your daily tasks with ease with this portable oxygen machine.

  • HIGH TECH TECHNOLOGY - Be at peace of mind knowing that your's or a loved one's portable oxygen generator is filtering the air at all times and supplying the user with a healthy air flow. Contains five-fold negative ion and multi-layer filtration with oxygen absorption.

  • PORTABLE - This portable oxygen generator tank is designed to be fully portable and convenient when on the road. The handle at the top of the small oxygen tank makes it easy to carry from place to place and with a weight of only 4 lbs, even a child can carry it with ease.

  • LONG LASTING- Our oxygen concentrator will provide continuous oxygen as long as it's connected to a power supply. Does not get damaged or overheat due to constant use.


Oxygen concentration: 55% ± 3

Oxygen flow: 1L/min

Rated power: 25VA

Oxygen machine size: 21*34*11cm

Product weight: 1.88kg

Rated voltage: 12V/50HZ

Noise level: 45db


1x Portable Oxygen Tank For Breathing - Small

1x Oxygen Pipe

1x Power Adapter

Small Portable Oxygen Concentrator Tank For Breathing - Scodian.com


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