X Series Smartwatch

X Series Smartwatch

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You are not ready for this new model. The X Series Smartwatch is a flagship of the budget smartwatches with a full touch large screen covering 91%YOGA & Swimming mode with a sharp HD retina vision display, exceptional 260mAh battery and super stable Bluetooth 5.0. Your search for the perfect budget smartwatch may now end. You have found the X Series Smartwatch.


The world at your wrist - The X Series Smartwatch is the budget activity tracker you need. The display is covering 91% of the full touch screen and 1,78" HD vision Retina display. You will no longer miss any important notifications, weather updates and your activity tracking thanks to the stable connection via Bluetooth 5.0. The X Series can hold up to 50 messages in its memory compare to other smartwatches, which hold only 3 messages.

New features - This watch also offers some new features! You can link the FitCloudPro app with your Google Fit, allowing you to connect to other apps such as Strava or MyFitnessPal. Another great new feature is the women's health section. You can track your menstruation cycle and set reminders, so you will never be surprised!

x series smartwatch google fit

Less charging - No more charging overnight every other day. This smartwatch has an outstanding 260mAh battery and will last you up to 7 days in working mode.

New fashionable accessory - Not only is this smartwatch super functional and efficient, but it also looks luxurious and fashionable. The material is high-quality aluminium and you can switch between dials to personalise your style. Do you like more traditional style watches but still want a smartwatch? Well, this is it! Simply just change the dial to the traditional one and enjoy the best of both worlds.

watch faces x series smartwatch

Track your sports - The X Series smartwatch will be your new sports coach! Record your heart rate, mileage, pace and other real-time sports data. You can analyse and improve your performance thanks to this smartwatch. Enjoy 8 workout modes including yoga, walking, running, basketball, swimming, cycling, hiking, elliptical.

yoga sports mode smartwatch

Monitor your health - This smartwatch offers ECG, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate monitoring to make sure you are on top of your health. Optical sensors and intelligent processors will give you the best accurate data possible. You can also monitor your sleep and as we all know, sleep is very important in overall health.

The X Series Smartwatch is the activity tracker you were missing in your life. You can check the weather forecast, check all your messages and notifications, set an alarm, use a stopwatch, turn on the feature to find your phone, and more, all in this beautiful exquisite slim design watch.

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